Reset Tech collaborates with S-Vyasa University to launch health and wellness app

Reset Tech collaborates with S-Vyasa University to launch health and wellness app


Reset Tech, an AI-powered holistic health-tech platform in association with S-Vyasa, on Wednesday announced that it has launched a health and wellness app called Ayu. According to the company’s press statement, the app will aim to address and cure chronic diseases and lifestyle disorders through the right approach of yoga and meditation. The app will effectively provide users with personalized wellness solutions and provide doctor consultations based on an individual’s personal history and monitor their progress so that they can expedite their treatment and recovery, claims the company.

“The app aims to reach and impact over 5 million chronic disease patients within a period of five years. Unlike traditional medical approaches, AAYU addresses the root cause of diseases that go beyond temporary care. The app will help restore lost health and aims to heal the ailments arising out of the lifestyle disorders that have plagued people over the past decades. AAYU uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics as the building blocks of its technological architecture. The app has been designed by the doctors of S-Vyasa University and the knowledge and information in it is based on research of over 750 medical papers,” the company said.

The app, AAYU, provides personalized schedules which helps in effective monitoring of progress. With an aim to understand the customer first, the app will address Heart Disease, PCOS, Hypertension, Insomnia, Anxiety Disorders, Arthritis, Diabetes, Obesity, Back Pain, Asthma, Depression, Hypothyroidism, through holistic health solutions such as Integrated yoga therapy, guided meditation, pranayama and relaxation techniques.

RESET TECH was founded by Karan Talreja, Luke Coutinho and Vamsi Krishna Talasila. Meanwhile, the company provides therapeutic health solutions for lifestyle ailments using natural, sustainable and traditional methods of yoga and meditation.

“We believe that most diseases are self-induced due to lifestyle choices and stress. With this app, people will have the opportunity to address these issues through yoga and meditation, enabling them to heal and heal themselves over time. Will be able to fix,” Reset Tech founder Karan Talreja said in a statement.

“Our decades of research and experience have helped us create holistic approaches to healing. The AAYU App will ensure that the science of Yoga and its therapeutic methods are available to everyone globally in a few clicks. We believe that S -The amalgamation of VYASA’s capabilities and RESET TECH’s technology expertise will revolutionize yoga-centric healing methods,” said Dr HR Nagendra, Chancellor, S-VYASA Deemed to Be University, Bengaluru, India.


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