Planets line-up to grace the sky in rare coincidences; This is the best time to gaze

Planets line-up to grace the sky in rare coincidences;  This is the best time to gaze


It’s time for stargazers to rejoice! According to Sky & Telescope, if a person has binoculars or binoculars, he or she will be able to catch a rare treat this month as five planets will appear in the night sky in a rare coincidence. Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Saturn will be visible in the southern sky from the beginning of June to the end of the month.

Although it is quite common for two or three planets to appear together, this phenomenon is rare because the five planets are aligned and is even more special because of the way the planets align. One of the planets that would be difficult to see at the beginning of the month is Mercury. Since it will be in the same position as the Sun, viewers will have an unobstructed view of the eastern horizon to catch a glimpse of it.

Throughout the month, Mercury will continue to rise in the southern sky, becoming brighter and easier to spot in the night sky. This will also make it possible to see the rare planetary line which last happened in December of 2004. But this time the difference between Jupiter and Venus and between Mars and Jupiter is less than last time, making it easy to see all in one. sight.

The Sky & Telescope website states that on June 24, the appearance of the planetary line-up will be most attractive because of Mercury’s position. During this, the audience will also get an opportunity to enjoy the conjunction of two planets and the sunrise. Also, due to the spread of Jupiter and Venus in the sky, a crescent will be visible between Mars and Venus.


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