People with HIV have higher risk of contracting Kovid-19: Study

People with HIV have higher risk of contracting Kovid-19: Study


A study conducted by a team of scientists at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore found that people with HIV (PWH) have an increased risk of successful COVID-19 infection after vaccination. The study’s findings were published online June 7 in JAMA Network Open.

While conducting the study, Sally B. Coburn, Ph.D., MPH, and colleagues estimated the rate and risk of success infection in the United States among fully vaccinated PWH and individuals without HIV (PWOH). In addition, data were included for 113,994 patients (33,029 PWH and 80,965 PWoH).

“The risk of success infection was higher in PWH than in PWH (adjusted hazard ratio, 1.28). An increased risk for success infection among PWH was younger (45 years versus 45 to less than 54 years), history of COVID-19 , and was seen with not receiving an additional dose (adjusted hazard ratio, 0.71). The study showed that conclusive infection was not associated with HIV viral load suppression, but among PWHs, a higher CD4 count lowered successes. was associated with.

The authors said, “The increased risk of breakthrough infection in PWH qualification leads to continued surveillance, as the pandemic persists, immunity to the primary vaccine series is reduced, boosters are widely recommended, and newer versions emerge.” Come on,” the authors said.

The scientists compared vaccine recipients with and without HIV and found that the likelihood, though low, of a positive SARS-CoV-2 test result or a COVID-19 diagnosis within nine months of full vaccination, was 28 percent higher among people with HIV. Meanwhile, the risk of infection during the period tested was 3.8 percent for the non-HIV group and 4.4 percent for the HIV group.

Kerry Althoff, senior author and associate professor in the Bloomberg School’s Department of Health, said: “These findings should alert all people with HIV to their greater risk of COVID-19 success, and the risk of COVID-19 for people with HIV.” Can inform official recommendations about 19-19 vaccinations.” Epidemiology.

Meanwhile, health experts have been concerned since the start of the pandemic about a potentially increased COVID-19 risk in people with weakened immune systems, including those with HIV.


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