Maaza the fastest growing brand of Coca-Cola India this year

Maaza the fastest growing brand of Coca-Cola India this year


Fruit drink brand Maaza is the fastest growing brand ever for Coca-Cola in India in 2022, helped by its expansion into rural markets, said top company executives.

Coca-Cola is focusing its nutrition portfolio in the country and expects it to be the biggest growth driver through its fruit juice-based brands – Maaza and Minute Maid.

Arnab Roy, Vice President and Head Marketing, Coca-Cola India and Southwest Asia, said in a statement, “We are very clear (that) this (nutrition portfolio) is one of our biggest growth drivers for our volume, value and consumer base. Is going to be.” Media Round Table.

Apart from this, the company also plans to enter the ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) space with an international brand in the next one year.

Talking about Maaza, Roy said that the company will invest in brand building and marketing with substantial investments to grow the brand and expand into rural markets.

“Maaza is up to date and currently the fastest growing brand in our overall portfolio. It is the jewel of our portfolio.

According to him, Maza has immense potential for development. “We are adding more capacity in terms of manufacturing line. We are investing more in marketing and it is only going to grow,” Roy said.

Talking about the brand Minute Made, he said that it is a hidden gem and wherever the company has been able to place it, the uptake in the market is phenomenal.

“The opportunity we see in the next 5-10 years, this particular category is going to play a very important role. We are yet to start investing exclusively in minute made innovations,” he said, adding that the company may bring in multiple products from different parts of the world.

“I think, we are just getting started. So, we are expecting a lot of investment in this particular category, both Maaza and Minute Made, for the next three or four years,” Roy said.

Sedef Salingan Sahin, President, Global Nutrition Division, The Coca-Cola Company, said that there will be a new innovative product line in the nutrition segment.

“We have a very strong nutrition business with Maaza, one of the leading brands here…Maaza will continue to be at the heart of our nutrition business in India. We see a lot of opportunity in Minute Maid. We are working closely with the team on new innovations to really diversify and build Minute Maid into a far broader proposition than it is at the moment,” she said.

Coca-Cola also plans to enter the ORS business, probably in a year, starting with India. We have done a tick mark kind of thing… we need to work on that. The company is very clear in the next one year, we need to foray into this segment,” Roy said.

He added that there are opportunities in this segment and the company is looking at different pricing options, though ORS is an expensive product.

“We are working closely with our global R&D team and we want to ensure that the best products are offered here from the point of view of the consumers,” he said, adding that “if all goes well, India will The first will be the market in which we will do that”.

When asked under which brand Coca-Cola will introduce ORS in India, Roy said: “It will be a global brand. This is part of a larger global project.”

Coca-Cola, the country’s largest buyer of mangoes, is working with farmers on a long-term strategy to overcome supply chain challenges.

“We are the biggest buyers of mangoes and that in itself is not enough. We need good pulp for Maaza. So, from a long-term perspective, we are working with farmers,” Roy said, adding that several teams are working in this direction.

He said the development goals in this segment will have a “direct impact” on the Indian agriculture sector and farmers and the company is committed to it. “We believe that if you do not help the farmers, it will ultimately not be sustainable. As a corporate citizen, we feel we have an unprecedented opportunity,” Roy said, adding that Coca-Cola will play an active role.

The company uses Alphonso, which is mainly sourced from Maharashtra, Totapuri mainly from Andhra Pradesh and Neelam. However, the company is ready to use other varieties of mangoes as well.

Maaza Coca-Cola is the third largest brand in India after Thums Up and Sprite. It is currently sold only in the domestic market, and it is working to take the brand to neighboring markets.

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