Fake international call center duping US citizens busted, four arrested

Fake international call center duping US citizens busted, four arrested


Delhi Police has busted a fake international call center and arrested four members of a gang who allegedly cheated US citizens on the pretext of providing technical assistance Microsoftofficials said on Sunday.

The accused have been identified as Shubham (23), Mohit Khanna (50), Bhupinder Singh (32) and Rahul Makhija (22).

Police said that 28 telecallers have also been stopped.

On May 31, the Cyber ​​Cell police station of the outer district received information about the illegal call center operating in the Rani Bagh area.

According to the police, the accused persons were involved in large-scale cyber fraud against US citizens by impersonating as executives of Microsoft support team from US. Police said they betrayed their goals by motivating them to pay money to solve a non-existent problem.

“Raids were conducted in the call center premises during the night where over 25 people, including women, were found connected to computers in two different halls. Computer sets and accessories were set up to communicate with US citizens. These telecallers will call US citizens by English names so that they can impersonate themselves as Microsoft Support Executives from USA,” said Sameer Sharma, Deputy Commissioner of Police (External).

He said that he used illegal techniques like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calling, which caused loss to the exchequer.

They also used remote access applications such as Ultraviewer, Teamviewer and AnyDesk. He said the dialing software was checked and found a list of US telephone numbers dialed and received.

During interrogation, it was revealed that one of the accused, Shubham, who does B.Tech in Computer Science and previously worked in BPO, has good knowledge of computers and call centres, while Mohit along with other accused persons planned to set up his own call centre. The conspiracy was hatched, the senior police officer said.

Elaborating on his modus operandi, the official said that the accused himself first created problems and malfunctions in the systems of US citizens and that members of his team would impersonate as US-based officers and call their targets.

“They were deceiving US citizens on the pretext of solving a non-existent problem, which was created by them by charging huge amounts. During that time, they sometimes took the victims’ computer systems to remote access through various applications. He also guided Lakshya to get the gift card and later took the gift card number from him,” Sharma said.

The gift card numbers thus obtained were sent to the office’s exclusive Telegram group in which some blockers (their affiliates) used those gift cards to purchase cryptocurrency, primarily bitcoin, to be transferred to a given bitcoin address in the group. Is. By the owner or the team leader, the official said, in this way, they had been cheating the foreigners for a long time.

Police said 29 smartphones, 25 hard disks from different CPUs, two laptops, one DVR, three routers and one load balance router have been recovered from the accused, police said.


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