Career Path one can pursue with Global MBA in 2022

Career Path one can pursue with Global MBA in 2022


– by Apoorva Desai

MBA is still in great demand in the corporate world. While some may disagree with the times of the pandemic, the skills that MBAs bring are a different factor in today’s times.

While companies are still dealing with the pressures of the pandemic, along with the used ‘VUCA’ world, they require management graduates for many of their critical business functions.

We live in uncertain times. It is therefore imperative that today’s MBAs are culturally agile and adaptable and can provide value from day one. Corporates are looking for MBAs that hit the ground running. There was never a greater need than today to look for an MBA trained to handle crisis, make quick and efficient decisions, lead teams etc.

A Global MBA helps to develop a distinctly global outlook, broadens one’s horizons in terms of learning what best practices are deployed around the world, helps in understanding cultural sensitivity. An exclusive Global MBA program has been designed and curated keeping in mind the ground realities of the real world with a curriculum that is relevant and helps students to do strategic thinking in today’s times. A program where diverse groups of people come together, consider various macro and microeconomic variables, derive logically, and propose solutions that are feasible and viable, that is the beauty of the Global MBA program.

Students can choose to take up roles offered by multinational corporations or choose to work for India based companies with international clients. There are also various leadership programs that allow Global MBA participants to work in India as well as abroad for a few months. These programs are extremely useful for MBA students who want to have the best of both worlds.

Also at SP Jain Global, we have a Global MBA program that is unique in nature – students go on to study in three major geographies of the world. As we are proud to be a leader in delivery global educationMore and more schools around the world recognize the importance of their students with a global mindset and embrace their aspirations to become global leaders.

New age firms require talent that is well respected, well versed in different geographies of the world. Since they have stakeholders around the world, they need resources for the most demanding customer roles in their organizations. Someone who has been groomed into how global business works would be an ideal candidate for these organizations.

The flip side of doing a Global MBA is the international salary and the potential for rapid growth. MBA aspirants clearly want to achieve a better ROI while completing a Global MBA program – both career trajectory and monetarily. A Global MBA program gives an edge over regional/local MBA programs in terms of opportunities presented.

Business schools that have dedicated career service teams in international geographies tend to score high in terms of student satisfaction levels today. At SP Jain Global, with campuses in Dubai, Singapore, Sydney and Mumbai, our corporate relations teams in these geographies not only help students get the international jobs they want, but also guide them in terms of their overall profile, helping them with prior Familiarize yourself with the network of students. on career planning

Networking plays a big role in the Global MBA program for students to connect with larger business networks, working for organizations they may not have heard of before.

The author is Director, Corporate Relations, SP Jain School of Global Management.


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